Cormack Homes are your specialists in renewable technologies. All ACJ homes are designed with energy-efficiency built in. The experts at Cormack Homes can advise, specify, fit and maintain your renewable energy and low carbon technologies, both for your new build home and for fitting into an existing property.

The term ‘renewables’ covers a wide variety of technologies which generate power from abundant natural sources, for example from the sun, wind or biomass. Technologies such as ground source heating are described as ‘low-carbon’, as there is a small amount of energy required to run a heat pump, however, the energy created is derived from the latent heat in the ground.

Cormack Homes are fully qualified to advise on all aspects of renewables and low-carbon technologies. We’ll help you understand what’s right for your situation and explain if there are grants or tariffs available to offset the investment.

We provide advice, design, installation, monitoring and maintenance of heat pumps, solar thermal, solar PV, MVHR units and all electrical and plumbing works. All of our installations are fully certified and commissioned in place and all products warranted.

– Air Source Heat Pumps
– Solar Thermal
– Solar PV
– Ventilation – MVHR
– Ground Source Heat Pumps
– Renson Healthbox
– All Electrical Works
– All Plumbing Works

Working within the ACJ Group of companies, Cormack Homes form part of your complete homebuilding and home heating solution.