Attic Truss

Truss Centres (mm): 600
Timber Thickness (mm): 47
Attic Roof Truss
General Load Settings:
Tile Load: 0.785 kN/m²
Snow Load: 0.524 kN/m²
Ceiling Dead Load: 0.250 kN/m²
Ceiling Live Load 0.250 kN/m²
Tank Load 0.450 kN
Max Tile Batten Centres: 360 mm
Attic Floor Load 0.524 kN/m²
Attic Room Height: 2350 mm
Attic Room Width: 3500 mm
General Truss Information:
Truss Centres (mm): 600
Timber Thickness (mm): 47
Timber Size Information:
Member Size Grade
TC 12-5,5-13 – 197 TR26
TC 1-12,13-9 – 197 TR26
BC 8-14 – 197 TR26
BC 14-2 – 197 TR26
CL 6-4 – 97 TR26
WL 3-10,11-7 – 97 TR26
All truss images are for visual aid only and may not truly represent the roof truss supplied or designed by your chosen supplier. Always be sure to thoroughly discuss all aspects of your roof design with the supplier ensuring all materials, loadings and specifications are to your understanding.

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