Kit & Pod Specifications

As you start to think about the design of your ACJ group home, you’ll have questions about what you get, what’s included, what are your options, and importantly how you can stick to your budget.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and are confident that these specifications are superior to those offered by many of our competitors, take a look for yourself.

The team at ACJ Design have created these handy technical specification sheets as guidelines to what’s included in the timber frame kit or Garden Pod. However, the final specification will depend on choices that you make along the way, talk to your ACJ designer to find out more.

Our basic wall system offers a cost-effective, energy-efficient solution to keep your home warm and draught-free. You have the option to upgrade to a higher specification system, offering superior energy efficiency, which will keep your energy bills down. We can help you select the right solution for your budget.