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There are many benefits with getting design services through ACJ design

ACJ design isn’t just an architectural practice but specialise in structural timber frame construction, passive house systems and close panel fabrication.

During the planning process of your project, we do not only go to a design concept stage which is explained in one of our other articles but we also produce models and visuals imposed on to your plot we advise you on the costs for the full build we would also advise you on the wall system introduced within your home

This means prior to the planning application being submitted you have the confidence that the house design produced this within the budget you need and it’s also going to perform to the requirements that you envisage

With architectural services we take the hassle out of everything we deal with all parts of the application that you need to get planning and building warrant this is from the SAP calculation is site investigation report topographic surveys and SER engineering by one of our partners.

During the building warrant process while we are putting the drawings together if you are also going to be sourcing a timber frame kit from ACJ or going through a full build process with ACJ during the warrant process we will actually design the timber frame structure at the same time as the warrant drawings are produced to ensure everything is thought about at the beginning.

This means the structural detail calculations and the connections for your house is efficiently thought about making sure the build method is the most economical cost-effective performance home you can get for your budget.

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