Design Concept

Over the years we’ve noticed that there are mainly three types of inquiries when it comes to self-builds

First inquiry somebody already owns a plot of land and is now looking around for companies to either price for a project that they’ve already had designed or they’re looking for somebody to give them a price on a new design to suit their requirements and budget

Second somebody is a way to purchase a plot but to ensure that they have enough money after they’ve purchased the plot they’re looking for some budget prices in gates on a house style that they would like or they could achieve within their budget to ensure once plot is purchased they can still afford to build a house

Thirdly they are thinking of doing a self-build they still need to sell the house before they put it onto the market they would like some advice and guidance to make sure it self-build is a viable option to them and they can actually achieve their goals

ACJ group is a company uniquely set up in a way where we have an architectural practice we have a timber frame kit supply company and we have a building company given us the experience and knowledge to advise our clients and inquiries from the start the best way to move forward.

What all three types of inquiries have in common is they don’t really want to progress or commit to much prior to finding out the information they need, the problem is within the industry, not everyone is in a position or confident to provide this information and advice clients to wait until they have the plot and they have architectural drawings produced then going in for tender, this can potentially create unrealistic goals and can put clients in bad positions, design a house but can’t afford to build.

Therefore, ACJ group offer a design concept service for a small fee. We will sit down with you or talk to you over the phone or via email finding out your requirements and budget on what it is you’re looking to achieve and we will design you a house and produce visuals to suit your requirements without any other commitment thereafter. During this service we will also advise you on the renewables for the house the timber frame wall system and build costs helping you make informed decisions at the beginning.

After the service we can offer you an architectural fee and deduct design concept fee from this design service the beauty of this we already have the information we require the beginning to help us move forward with planning applications on your behalf.

During planning to warrant services we can also provide build contracts and proposals based on the budgets and specifications which originally spoken about.

This means before you even went in for planning permission or bought a plot of land or soldier who you are do you know ACJ group can provide you with the house build this in the budget you provided and the requirements you need given you the confidence to even to commit to anything that you can actually achieve your goals and your dreams

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