Q – Why should I use timber frame?

Timber frame has many advantages including speed of construction, environmental credentials and efficiency gains made during manufacture.

• Speed of construction is greatly improved as timber frame doesn’t need to stop being built during rain, frost and snow.
• You can have the structural frame of a house wind and water tight within a week. This allows other trades to start on-site far sooner leading to earlier completion dates.
• Timber frame is more accurate to build and can be pre-supplied in a variety of panelised systems as shown on the ACJ Group website.
• Around 75% of construction within Scotland uses timber frame due to its benefits.

• Timber frame is produced from carbon-neutral materials.
• Waste of materials is easier to manage.
• Timber frame has the lowest C02 cost out of all commercially available construction materials.
• Timber frame is non-toxic and it’s a renewable material that can be recycled.
• Using timber frame materials encourages more forest planting as mature trees absorb far less carbon dioxide and produce less oxygen than early stage growing trees.

Efficiency when manufacturing:

• Timber frame houses can be pre-designed within software programs allowing full build visual aids.
• Walls, floors and roofs can be pre-manufactured then delivered to site for ease of construction.
• Insulation can be pre-installed within a quality controlled environment ensuring the house is properly insulated to achieve better results helping reduce heating/fuel costs.
• Materials costing and waste is better managed throughout the build.
• Easier to set completion dates without being set back by unpredictable weather.

Q – Is timber frame construction more expensive to build than traditional methods?

This is a question that arises in many conversations and articles throughout the construction industry when trying to compare traditional build methods “brick and block” to timber frame construction. In most cases, there is not much difference in cost.

There are many different circumstances that can impact the cost of the build e.g. a home that complies with current building regulations or a home that has greater insulation properties creating a more efficient home and building a passive house.

One of the main benefits is that timber frame can be built during any season of the year and if you can set a 20-week build program without worrying too much about the weather then you can feel more at ease regarding construction delays as delays cost money. Timber frame allows more accurate costing and faster build methods helping keep overall labour rates down.

Q – How do I get a quote?

You can contact us through the website or alternatively email or phone directly. Whether you are wanting some advice, assistance in design, a fixed build price quotation or just wanting to have a chat about future projects we are more than happy to help.

Within ACJ Group we offer all the required services you need for your self-build and commercial needs from planning to handing you the keys to your new home. ACJ Group has the flexibility to provide the service you need. We can easily work with other builders, architects and engineers if you already have them appointed allowing us to deliver the service you want. Alternatively, we can provide all services under one roof, ACJ Group.