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No, when signing up for the design concept service once completed you do not need to proceed any further. However, there are many benefits to doing so, for more information download our brochures.
No, when signing up for the architectural service once completed you do not need to proceed any further. However, there are many benefits to doing so, for more information download our brochures.
The design and build process is set up in a manner to benefit the client from the very start providing accurate correct information for the entire duration of the drawing process so you know what you will be committing to financially before your even into the planning process. For more information please contact us.
Pre-fabricated timber frame construction is unparalleled in comparison to on-site stick builds for many reasons, for example. All timber is graded to a structural level, timber open to elements for long periods of time and dampness can be affected and the grade of the timber deteriorates. Quaulity management control Worksop environments allow checking procedures to not only make sure all of the structural designs are fabricated accordingly into the panel but nailing monitored also. Properly insulated within every zone, during stick build insulation is not applied till later, this can result in areas that cannot be reached and will then not be insulated, leaving cold spots within the build. Speed of construction is greatly improved as the timber frame doesn’t need to stop being built during rain, frost, and snow. Everything is thought about, prior to timber frame erection on-site all of the structural details, renewables and services are already planned to eliminate any potential site clashes/issues. For more information and guidance about stick build vs prefabricated kit supply please contact ACJ.
Timber frame has many advantages including speed of construction, environmental credentials and efficiency gains made during manufacture. You can have the structural frame of a house wind and watertight within a week. This allows other trades to start on-site far sooner leading to earlier completion dates. Timber frame is more accurate to build and can be pre-supplied in a variety of panelised systems as shown on the ACJ Group website. Around 75% of construction within Scotland uses timber frame due to its benefits. Environmental: Timber frame is produced from carbon-neutral materials. Waste of materials is easier to manage. Timber frame has the lowest C02 cost out of all commercially available construction materials. Timber frame is non-toxic and it’s a renewable material that can be recycled. Using timber frame materials encourages more forest planting as mature trees absorb far less carbon dioxide and produce less oxygen than early stage growing trees. Efficiency when manufacturing Timber frame houses can be pre-designed within software programs allowing full build visual aids. Walls, floors and roofs can be pre-manufactured then delivered to site for ease of construction. Insulation can be pre-installed within a quality controlled environment ensuring the house is properly insulated to achieve better results helping reduce heating/fuel costs. Materials costing and waste is better managed throughout the build. Easier to set completion dates without being set back by unpredictable weather
This is a question that arises in many conversations and articles throughout the construction industry when trying to compare traditional build methods “brick and block” to timber frame construction. In most cases, there is not much difference in cost. There are many different circumstances that can impact the cost of the build e.g. a home that complies with current building regulations or a home that has greater insulation properties creating a more efficient home and building a passive house. One of the main benefits is that timber frame can be built during any season of the year and if you can set a 20-week build program without worrying too much about the weather then you can feel more at ease regarding construction delays as delays cost money. Timber frame allows more accurate costing and faster build methods helping keep overall labour rates down.
ACJ offers a range of wall systems to target all self build requirements and performances including developing Them-u-wall, one of the most energy-efficient closed panel systems on the market, ideal for use in passive house construction.
ACJ Group can still provide the following services. - Timber frame kit supply - Full Build Serice - Groundworks and connections - Amendment to warrant service - Completion - Self build structural defect warranty
We cover all of the UK and islands. If you are unsure if we cover your area, please us and we will be happy to advise you.
Once you have a plot obtained moving in could take around 2 years. But around half this time is spent obtaining planning and warrant permissions. The actual onsite construction of your new home could take about 6-12 months; depending on the type of house you’re building, ACJ specialise in off-site construction which greatly speeds up the house build process and ensure the key structural part of the build is as per CDM and QMS requirements.
This will depend on the type of house you want to build and the location in which it will sit. However This is why ACJ group offers a design concept service. For a small fee, we will sit down with you or talk to you over the phone and email finding out your requirements and budget on what it is you’re looking to achieve. We will design you a house and produce a 3D model to suit your requirements without any other commitment thereafter. During this service we will also advise you on the timber frame wall systems and renewables for the house and build costs helping you make informed decisions at the beginning.
A self-build is someone having a house specifically built to suit there own requirements, budget and plot location, usually within the self-build industry the performance of the homes far exceeds houses built by national house builders simply because there would be enough large enough margins in profit.
If you cannot find a house that suits your requirements and in a position to be able to purchase a building plot a self-build could be the answer, for more information regarding funds we would advise to speak to Scottish Building Society. However, if you do not requirer and self-build mortgage then the first key step is to obtain a plot.
There is a selection of ways to find plots, contact your local estate agents, check your local paper, even online social media site, below we have also attached some usual plot links. https://custombuildhomes.co.uk/ https://www.plotfinder.net/ https://www.buildstore.co.uk/findingland/ https://www.eigpropertyauctions.co.uk/ https://www.savills.co.uk/ https://selfbuildportal.org.uk/
Even for medium sized building projects such as extensions, gaining planning permission can be a headache if you’re not prepared. The wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly and even the smoothest application can take at least two months to complete, so it’s important to get it right first time, as a resubmission could cost you a further three to six-month delay. We have plenty of experience in dealing with planning applications, so if you need advice, talk to us, or for complete peace of mind, leave it all to us and we’ll represent you. ACJ Design can take your applications through the full planning consent process to get you a decision by the relevant local authority in as short a time as possible.
In addition to planning permission, you will also need to apply for a building warrant from the local council before you can start building work on your home. While planning permission largely focuses on how the external structure of your home will look, to get a building warrant you will need to show that the design of your home (both inside and outside) will meet all the requirements of the latest domestic building regulations. The architectural services team within ACJ Design are experienced in warrant applications. We provide accurate drawings of your plans and we can act as your agent and make the application on your behalf, smoothing the process and cutting out the jargon.
In Scotland, all new build homes, and certain other projects too, require that appropriate structural calculations are carried out to ensure the safety of the build. These calculations form the basis for a Structural Engineers Registration (SER) design certificate and are submitted with your building warrant application. ACJ Design offers a full range of structural and engineering services, from timber frame calculations, steel calculations, site investigations and SER engineers. We can provide these services to new builds and existing developments, ensuring that all your information, calculations and plans are correct and that your design certificate is appropriate for your project prior to warrant submission.
The term ‘renewables’ covers a wide variety of technologies which generate power from abundant natural sources, for example from the sun, wind or biomass. Technologies such as ground source heating are described as ‘low-carbon’, as there is a small amount of energy required to run a heat pump, however, the energy created is derived from the latent heat in the ground.
A passive house is a building designed and constructed to a rigorous, voluntary standard for energy efficiency, thereby reducing its ecological footprint. It results in ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for space heating or cooling. For more information see the link to our page: https://www.acj-group.co.uk/passive-low-energy-homes/
If you’ve been researching your options, and have a price from a competitor, you may be surprised to learn quite how much you get from an ACJ home, in comparison with other home builders. We don’t cut corners and we won’t compromise our quality or our professional reputation for the sake of a quick sale, but we will happily review any quotation that you may have received from an alternative supplier and offer a like for like comparison.
You can contact us through the website or alternatively email or phone directly. Whether you are wanting some advice, assistance in design, a fixed build price quotation or just wanting to have a chat about future projects we are more than happy to help. Within ACJ Group we offer all the required services you need for your self-build and commercial needs from planning to handing you the keys to your new home. ACJ Group has the flexibility to provide the service you need. We can easily work with other builders, architects and engineers if you already have them appointed allowing us to deliver the service you want. Alternatively, we can provide all services under one roof, ACJ Group.