Planning Permission

Do I need planning permission? How do I get planning permission? These are the questions we get asked most frequently and for good reason.

Get it right first time

Even for medium sized building projects such as extensions, gaining planning permission can be a headache if you’re not prepared. The wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly and even the smoothest application can take at least two months to complete, so it’s important to get it right first time, as a resubmission could cost you a further three to six-month delay.

Your trusted advisor

We have plenty of experience in dealing with planning applications, so if you need advice, talk to us, or for complete peace of mind, leave it all to us and we’ll represent you. ACJ Design can take your applications through the full planning consent process to get you a decision by the relevant local authority in as short a time as possible.

Accurate and consistent plans throughout the project

Having a single source of plans, rather than working with an independent architect, cuts out delays in planning and warrant applications and saves you time and money.
We will prepare and submit the planning application based on drawings agreed with yourself in advance of the submission. Our team of professionals ensures that throughout the design process, from the planning to production to construction, you have a set of version controlled, consistent and coherent plans.

Keeping you informed

In full consultation with yourself, we monitor and drive forward progress on the planning, carry out any negotiations required with planning officers and consultants and respond to any representations/objections we are made aware of.
In the unlikely event that the application requires consideration by the council’s Planning and Regulatory Services Committee, we will make a presentation to the committee making full and visual use of the information submitted with the planning application.

Latest legislation

Dealing with so many applications, we keep ourselves fully informed on latest legislation and guidance and will work with you to minimise the requirement for further procedures and assessments, wherever possible. We communicate with the planning officers, to understand their view of the proposal before recommending how to proceed.