3D Rendering

ACJ use the latest 3D modelling software to create photorealistic models of your new build home, extension or garden space. Make informed decisions.

See for yourself

Imagine being able to see not just the paper plans for your project, not just a 3D computer model of your build, but a photorealistic visualisation of your new home, extension or garden space, with your choice of finish, set in your desired location, ready for you to view from any angle.

Powerful architectural design technology

ACJ Design uses the latest computer modeling systems to create your vision. From the initial 2D plans we create 3D wireframe models, from there we render the projection, adding colour and textures to create a realistic 3D model.  We can even superimpose that model into an image of your plot, creating a powerful visualisation of your final result, meaning you can make informed choices about design features and finishes in advance of construction.

Inside and out

3D renders don’t just help you decide the exterior finish options for your project. We can also provide interior renders that will help you decide on layouts.  So you won’t sweat the small stuff once it’s too late, you get your sockets where you need them and make sure there’s a place for everything before anything gets placed.


When you contact us for a quotation, from a garden space to a complete house, present your voucher to receive a 3D computer modelled visualisation of your project.

Your dream build is closer than you think. See for yourself.


SER Engineering

Building a new home, or extending your property? ACJ offers full structural engineering services, to ensure your build is safe, while still within budget.

What is SER and why would I need it?

In Scotland, all new build homes, and certain other projects too, require that appropriate structural calculations are carried out to ensure the safety of the build. These calculations form the basis for a Structural Engineers Registration (SER) design certificate and are submitted with your building warrant application.

How can ACJ help?

ACJ Design offers a full range of structural and engineering services, from timber frame calculations, steel calculations, site investigations and SER engineers. We can provide these services to new builds and existing developments, ensuring that all your information, calculations and plans are correct and that your design certificate is appropriate for your project prior to warrant submission.


We’ll carry out the following services and provide the relevant information that can be used at warrant application stage, if required.
– Timber frame structural designs
– Timber frame engineering and calculations
– Site investigation reports
– SER engineering for extensions and new builds
– Site visits/investigation to check existing property
– Foundation layouts, including specifications
– Floor plans & specifications
– All key structural timber frame junctions
– Sections with all specifications and connections shown
– Timber frame design when required
– Floor joist layouts, specifications and calculations
– Roof truss layouts, specifications and calculations

Safety, standards and your budget

We don’t cut corners, but we know you have a budget to keep to. We always advise on cost-effective options while still remaining well within national and European safety standards. All our structural calculations are in accordance with the relevant BSI standards and we are fully insured.

Building Warrant Drawings

Building warrant applications made simple. Get it right first time with precision drawings from the expert architectural services team at ACJ Design.

Why do I need a building warrant?

In addition to planning permission, you will also need to apply for a building warrant from the local council before you can start building work on your home. While planning permission largely focuses on how the external structure of your home will look, to get a building warrant you will need to show that the design of your home (both inside and outside) will meet all the requirements of the latest domestic building regulations.

ACJ Design Simplifies Building Warrant Applications

The architectural services team within ACJ Design are experienced in warrant applications. We provide accurate drawings of your plans and we can act as your agent and make the application on your behalf, smoothing the process and cutting out the jargon.

Professional, Precise and Thorough

ACJ Design not only designs your property, we specify and manufacture the timber frame systems that will be used in its construction.  This means we’re uniquely qualified to produce and maintain a coherent set of accurate, version controlled drawings for every step of the process.

Once planning approval is received ACJ Design can prepare and submit the application for building warrant approval based on detailed drawings agreed with yourself in advance of the submission.  We’ll then monitor and progress the application, and respond to any technical objections raised on your behalf, while keeping you fully informed at all times.

structurally  sound

Typically, an architect wouldn’t produce full structural designs until after warrant approval. ACJ Design does things differently.  We believe that proper planning is critical to a successful outcome. No-one wants to be faced with delays and costs caused by ill-fitting connections and services clashes halfway through their build, so we have processes in place to be sure we get it right first time.

All structural designs for site, construction and production are produced in conjunction with the architectural drawings used in warrant applications. You can be confident that the services, details and features specified therein have been precisely planned and will work first time in situ.

Design Concept

Over the years ACJ Group has noticed that there are mainly three types of inquiries when it comes to self-builds. Thinking about a self build? Away to purchase a plot? Already own a plot?

Looking to build your home? By choosing ACJ Group to design your timber frame kit home means you’ll not only save
money, but you also save time and gain peace of mind.

Our in-house professional team of architectural technicians have designed a wide range of plans for many different styles of
house design, each of which can be remodelled to suit your requirements, or we can create a bespoke design from scratch.

Our designers plan every aspect of your self-build with precision models using the latest 3D computer systems, providing you
with a photorealistic visualisation of your design, so you can make informed decisions upfront, eliminating waste and costly errors.

Becouse ACJ Group can provide manufacturing and installation, means we’re uniquely placed to select the right materials
and construction methods to ensure your home build is flawless.

Thinking about a self build?    Away to purchase a plot?    Already own a plot?

Over the years ACJ Group has noticed that there are mainly three types of inquiries when it comes to self-builds. Thinking about a self build? Away to purchase a plot? Already own a plot?

What all three types of inquiries have in common is they don’t really want to progress or commit to much prior to finding out the information they need, the problem is within the industry not every company is in a position or confident to provide this information and advise clients to wait until they have purchased the plot and they have architectural drawings produced, then going in for tender. This can potentially create unrealistic goals and can put clients in a bad position, designing a house but can’t afford to build.

This is why ACJ group offer a design concept service. For a small fee, we will sit down with you or talk to you over the phone and email finding out your requirements and budget on what it is you’re looking to achieve. We will design you a house and produce a 3D model to suit your requirements without any other commitment thereafter. During this service we will also advise you on the timber frame wall systems and renewables for the house and build costs helping you make informed decisions at the beginning.

After this service we can offer you an architectural fee propsal and deducting the design concept fee.

This means before you even apply for planning permission or purchased a plot of land you know ACJ Group can provide you with a build solution that comes within your overall budget provided, giving you the confidence that you can actually achieve your goals.

Planning Permission

The experienced planning team at ACJ Design can help you get your planning application right first time, saving you time and money.

Do I need planning permission? How do I get planning permission? These are the questions we get asked most frequently and for good reason.

Get it right first time

Even for medium sized building projects such as extensions, gaining planning permission can be a headache if you’re not prepared. The wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly and even the smoothest application can take at least two months to complete, so it’s important to get it right first time, as a resubmission could cost you a further three to six-month delay.

Your trusted advisor

We have plenty of experience in dealing with planning applications, so if you need advice, talk to us, or for complete peace of mind, leave it all to us and we’ll represent you. ACJ Design can take your applications through the full planning consent process to get you a decision by the relevant local authority in as short a time as possible.

Accurate and consistent plans throughout the project

Having a single source of plans, rather than working with an independent architect, cuts out delays in planning and warrant applications and saves you time and money.
We will prepare and submit the planning application based on drawings agreed with yourself in advance of the submission. Our team of professionals ensures that throughout the design process, from the planning to production to construction, you have a set of version controlled, consistent and coherent plans.

Keeping you informed

In full consultation with yourself, we monitor and drive forward progress on the planning, carry out any negotiations required with planning officers and consultants and respond to any representations/objections we are made aware of.
In the unlikely event that the application requires consideration by the council’s Planning and Regulatory Services Committee, we will make a presentation to the committee making full and visual use of the information submitted with the planning application.

Latest legislation

Dealing with so many applications, we keep ourselves fully informed on latest legislation and guidance and will work with you to minimise the requirement for further procedures and assessments, wherever possible. We communicate with the planning officers, to understand their view of the proposal before recommending how to proceed.

Passive & Low Energy Homes

Passive house (PassivHaus) is a rigorous energy-efficient building standard. ACJ Design and products are at the forefront of passive house design in Scotland.

What is a passive house?

A passive house is a building designed and constructed to a rigorous, voluntary standard for energy efficiency, thereby reducing its ecological footprint. It results in ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for space heating or cooling.

The Passive House & Low Energy Home concept is a comprehensive approach to cost-efficient, high-quality, healthy and sustainable construction.

A Passivhaus is a building in which thermal comfort can be achieved solely by post-heating or post-cooling the fresh air flow required for a good indoor air quality, without the need for additional recirculation of air.” – Passivhaus Institut (PHI)

The history of passive house development

Often referred to by the German word ‘Passivhaus’, the world’s first passive house was constructed in Germany in 1990.

In 2011, the first fully certified Passivhaus in Scotland was constructed, using wall systems designed and developed by ACJ’s architectural services team.

Our wall systems were certified as suitable for PassivHaus construction, due to their superinsulation qualities, and went on to be used within the most innovative energy-efficient builds of their kind within Scotland and the UK, including;

– The First Fully Certified PassivHaus in Scotland.
– The First Fully Certified Affordable housing PassivHaus in Scotland.
– The First Fully Certified terrace of passive houses in Scotland.
– The First Fully Certified PassivHaus housing development in the UK

How does it work?

Passive House is a building standard that is energy-efficient, comfortable and affordable at the same time.

Superinsulation, such as provided by our own Therm-U-Wall system is an integral part of the solution, but only one part of this holistic approach to house design.

Passive Houses make efficient use of the sun, internal heat sources and heat recovery, rendering conventional heating systems unnecessary throughout even the coldest of winters. During warmer months, Passive Houses make use of passive cooling techniques such as strategic shading to keep comfortably cool.

A ventilation system imperceptibly supplies constant fresh air, making for superior air quality without unpleasant draughts. A highly efficient heat recovery unit allows for the heat contained in the exhaust air to be re-used.

Comfort designed in

Passive Houses are praised for the high level of comfort they offer. Internal surface temperatures vary little from indoor air temperatures, even in the face of extreme outdoor temperatures. Special windows and a building envelope consisting of a highly insulated roof and floor slab, as well as highly insulated exterior walls, keep the desired warmth in the house – or undesirable heat out.

ACJ Design experts can answer your questions about passive house design and construction.  If you’re an architect or home builder working on a passive house development, talk to us about out ultra efficient closed panel systems.

Other low-energy developments

Where a building is designed or retrofitted with appropriate renewable technologies, such as our team at Cormack Homes specialise in, then it can be designated as net zero-energy building, i.e. over the course of a year it does not use more energy than it generates.

The first Zero Energy Design building, constructed in 1979, used passive solar heating and cooling techniques with air-tight construction and superinsulation.  Technology has come on a lot since then, and energy prices have risen substantially, meaning that more and more people are attracted to the concept or low-energy or zero-energy building.

Contact the team at Cormack Homes on 01343 559327 to find out how much you can save on your energy bills by investing in green alternatives. We’ll also help you find out if you’re eligible to apply for loans or funding towards your build.



House Builds (Tender)

If you’ve been researching your options, and have a price from a competitor, you may be surprised to learn quite how much you get from an ACJ home, in comparison with other home builders.

If you’ve been researching your options, and have a price from a competitor, you may be surprised to learn quite how much you get from an ACJ home, in comparison with other home builders.

We don’t cut corners and we won’t compromise our quality or our professional reputation for the sake of a quick sale, but we will happily review any quotation that you may have received from an alternative supplier and offer a like for like comparison.

How do we compare?

Show us the spec that you’ve been given and we’ll endeavour to create a like for like quote, allowing you to make an informed decision about the right design and build company to engage for your project.

What’s the real cost?

When you’re comparing prices, consider the whole build process, not just the bottom line. Will you be juggling several different suppliers, handling council planning departments, figuring out the latest legislation and trying to co-ordinate tradesmen, all while trying to get on with your everyday life?

ACJ has everything you need under one roof.  Take the stress out of the home building process.  We can take care of everything and everyone that you need to complete your project on time and within budget.

Design & Build

ACJ creates beautiful new homes across Moray, the Highlands and beyond. We offer a complete design and build solution, all under one roof.

Your complete design and build solution

Building a new house is a dream that many of us share. But concerns about unforeseen costs, extensive delays, project management, getting planning permission and building warrant approval can turn that dream into a nightmare if you don’t choose the right company to partner with when you build your new home.

At ACJ we can help you at every stage of the homebuilding process. We offer a complete design and build solution, from planning to construction to maintenance, so you can get on with living your life, and trust us to take care of delivering your dream.

All your services under one roof

We are uniquely placed to provide every service and trade you need to get a house from conception to completion. Your entire build can be managed by a named person at ACJ. They’ll coordinate communication between all parties and arrange the construction schedule for trades to access the site. They’ll involve you in the decision-making process and keep you informed of progress.

Without the need to involve external trades and services, we have complete control of the progress of your build, minimising delays and cutting down costs.

Local products, local services, national presence

Our homes are constructed from energy-efficient closed panels systems designed and built by craftsmen here at our Elgin premises. Since we design our own panels, we can easily tailor the build to your specification and budget, and create bespoke details and plans for you without invoking costly licensing fees as other developers do when they use third party products.

Kit homes and timber frame systems can be delivered across the UK and beyond.  Contact us on 01343 559327 to find out more.

Professional precision planning

We empower our clients from the very start, guiding you with decisions at the very beginning of the process, before any planning applications. ACJ Design can produce visuals of your home to show you how features look and help with selecting your preferred finish.  We’ll help you select one of the ACJ wall systems that best suits your needs and budget and we can advise on the best energy technology approach.

We’ll ensure all of this is done to your specification and within your budget. All planning applications, warrant applications, SER engineering is included.

Architectural Works

ACJ’s in-house architectural services design team are fully qualified to design and plan your complete build, saving you time and money.

Do you need an architect?

ACJ Group has an in-house design services team, fully qualified to design every aspect of your new build property, extension or renovation.

Working closely with the other services within the ACJ group, ACJ Design is uniquely placed to select the right materials and construction methods that will ensure your home build is flawless.

Advanced 3D modelling eliminates errors

When you work with ACJ Design, our architectural technicians design and plan every aspect of your build.  We precision model each project on the latest 3D computer systems, eliminating waste and errors upfront, enhancing efficient production and construction, and allowing you to see an accurate view of your project, so you can make informed decisions about your build, with no surprises.

Save time and money with one point of contact

When one team of professionals takes responsibility for all aspects of your design, from the planning to production to construction, you can be confident of a set of consistent coherent plans throughout the process.

Having a single source of plans, rather than working with an independent architect, cuts out delays in planning and warrant applications and saves you time and money.

Energy-efficiency designed in

All ACJ homes are designed with energy-efficiency built in, so heating your home is cost effective and hassle free.  Our design team are uniquely placed to advise you on the ACJ wall system to suit your needs and budget, we carry out energy performance calculations based on your selected materials and advise you where and how to make savings.

We are justifiably proud that ACJ Design team developed the industry leading Therm-U-Wall system, a breakthrough in energy-efficient wall systems, suitable for use in the demanding specifications of passive house builds.

Industry leaders in PassivHaus technology

ACJ Design designers have been behind some of the most prestigious designs.
We designed wall systems that were certified and used within the most innovative energy-efficient builds of their kind within Scotland and the UK, including;

– The First Fully Certified PassivHaus in Scotland.
– The First Fully Certified Affordable housing PassivHaus in Scotland.
– The First Fully Certified terrace of passive houses in Scotland.
– The First Fully Certified PassivHaus housing development in the UK