Timber Frame Homes, Cabins & Garden Pods

Planning, designing and building your dream home is a project you don’t want to leave to chance. When you choose a timber frame solution from ACJ Group, we guarantee you won’t get any unpleasant surprises.

Why choose a timber frame kit home?

Three simple reasons – they’re quick to build, they’re warm and they’re cost-effective.  They’re also beautifully designed to order at our premises in Elgin, but let’s look at these first three in a little more detail.

Speed and efficiency of build

Over thirty years of homebuilding in Scotland has taught us that you can’t afford to hang around waiting for the weather to change.  You need a solution that can be up in a matter of days and weeks, not months or even years.

Well-designed timber frame kits make construction simple and fast. Some of our kit homes can be wind and weather tight in as little as just four days (assuming foundations and services are in place).

Energy-efficiency built in

ACJ kit homes are designed using our own unique timber frame wall systems, all of which are rated for superior energy efficiency, keeping your home warm, and your energy bills low.

Our industry leading Therm-U-Wall system is so efficient, it’s used in the latest passive house designs.  Talk to our designers about the right solution for your needs and your budget.

Cost-effective solution

We precision model all our designs using sophisticated building information modelling systems, eliminating waste and errors ahead of the construction, and so ensuring a smooth and efficient build once on site, saving you time and money.

And because we design all our homes in-house, and can customise any design to your requirement, you won’t be faced with expensive licensing fees, which can happen when the design copyright is owned by a third party.

ACJ – your complete design and build solution

The beauty of choosing ACJ is that you have everything you need all under one roof.  There’s no need to worry about trying to coordinate planning, architects, builders, trades, etc, we can do all that for you.

Alternatively, if you’re an architect or a homebuilder, we can work with you to meet your clients’ requirements, with building information systems to ensure that our designs integrate seamlessly into your vision.

Your choice, your way

Any of the designs shown below can be fully customised to your own, or your client’s, requirements. ACJ Design is our architectural services team that will work with you to develop a design that meets your brief and is within your budget.

ACJ Group also has the skills in-house to produce bespoke kits to any specification. Our team of professional designers and builders pride themselves on innovation, precision and performance. We create custom homes for the most challenging of situations.

With our dedicated team of experts in Cormack Homes, we’re uniquely placed to advise on energy efficiency and will guide you in selecting the right materials and technologies to suit your project and your budget.

Across Moray, the Highlands, Scotland and beyond

All our timber frame systems and kit homes are designed and built at our dedicated premises in Elgin.  Kits can be delivered throughout Scotland and the UK, and we ship globally to customers all over the world.

To find out how easy it can be to create your own beautiful, energy-efficient home, contact us now for a no-obligation discussion.  Call 01343 559327

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